Bipod Adapter Mount System for the Versa-Pod bipod

Our Versa-Pod® mount systems have many adapter choices that enhance the utility of your bipod. We offer universal adapters that will fit almost any rifle along with our gun specific models designed especially for a particular rifle or pistol configuration. All our adapters are designed to be easy-to-install and do not require any modification to the basic firearm. Versa-Pod® mounting adapters are designed to look and feel like they are an original part of your rifle, not an add-on. The same superior materials and attention to detail goes into each adapter as on our bipods. The mounting adapter is interchangeable with all the 50 Series and Classic Series Versa-Pod bipods. For the Parker-Hale fans out there, our Mounting System is also compatible with Parker-Hale Bipods.

Axial Rotation (Cant vs NON-Cant)

The ability to quickly correct for uneven ground is crucial for making a first-shot hit - yet most bipods don't offer this important feature. All Versa-Pod® bipods have built-in cant correction. The all-new 50-Series Versa-Pod® bipods feature a new friction lock mechanism (patent pending) operated by the shooter's non-shooting hand, so it's now possible to limit the degree of cant rotation, or to lock it down completely. If you would like an adapter that limits this feature, take a look at our NON-Canting adapter systems.