300 Series Raptor Feet Pan Bench 7"-9" Bipod

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Bipod Head Assembly

The 300 includes a solid billet 7075 Aluminum head assembly which provides superior strength while maintaining the light weight properties of aluminum. 7075 is one of the strongest aluminum alloys available and is worth the higher cost when strength and toughness are crucial. The cam lever allows the bipod to quickly and securely mount on any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail. The bipod can be quickly stowed in your pack, and re-deployed only when needed.

Available in two configurations - Panning and Non-Panning versions.

Non-Panning Bipod

The Non-Panning model is better suited for bench or range shooting, with stationary targets, when minimal left and right adjustment is needed. This is the more like the conventional type bipod in which most shooters are familiar.

30° Panning Bipod

The Panning versions allow you to follow moving targets and transition from target to target “On-the-Fly”. This feature allows you to move at total of 30° left and right on a horizontal plane. When you acquire your target, the bipod then locks in place on “pre-load” (slight forward pressure). The included tension nut will also allow you to apply slight friction to this mechanism, for precise movement and overall added accuracy.

Ambidextrous Design

Our attention to detail, and ambidextrous design allow the Versa-Pod 300 Series bipod to be folded forward or backward on the rifle, and all adjustments are made with the shooters "off" hand. The ambidextrous one-handed operation insures rapid and swift deployment when time matters most.


Powerful spring powered legs deploy immediately in a downward direction with a simple push of our steel rocker locking latches. The legs are notched in ½” increments to fine-tune your adjustments on uneven terrain. This also allows the muzzle to be easily adjusted using the weight of the rifle, so you are set and ready to shoot in literally seconds.

Raptor, Rubber, or Ski Type Feet

The 300 Series comes with the ability to switch out the leg inserts. This is beneficial depending on your terrain and/or shooting conditions. We offer a 300 Bipod model for each type, and sell them separately as well.

All Versa-Pod Bipods come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all manufacture defects. This guarantees your Versa-Pod will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for life. This warranty is only available to the original purchaser of the Versa-Pod bipod or accessory. The Limited Lifetime Warranty only applies if purchased from a KFS authorized reseller, distributor, or directly off this website.
Product Series:
300 Series;Colour=Matte Black"
4140 Chrome Molly Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, AL14130 Aluminium
Steel Parts Finish:
Nitro-Carburized, Rust Resistant Coating
Aluminium Parts Finish:
Hardcoat Anodized
Spring Finish:
E-Coated, Corrosion Resistant Coating
Leg Housing:
Machined, Press Fit, TIG Welded
Canting (Tilt) Ability:
Panning Ability:
15° Each Direction, 30° Total
Friction Control Knob:
Not Available
Feet Type:
All-Steel Raptor Style Feet
7"-9" Fully Extended
All MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Type Rails - Includes Adjustment Screws